Spas And Jacuzzis

One of the best ways to relax at home is to have a spa or Jacuzzi available. A Jacuzzi or spa is not only relaxing and a good way to relieve stress, these units can provide a number of health and mental wellness benefits, as well. Regardless of the climate, hot or cold, a dip in a spa can turn a bad day into a good one and provide significant health benefits.Taking some time to decompress from a busy day with work or the family is important for lifestyle balance and mental well-being. The warm hydro-massage of the water provides relaxation and a sense of peace while allowing one’s body to rejuvenate and recuperate. Water provides the perfect medium for the achy, tense areas of one’s body to regain a level of health. Water provides hydrotherapy and hydro-massage and the effects of viscosity, buoyancy and hydrostatic pressure work to leave one’s back, shoulder, neck and various muscles feeling stronger.The buoyancy of water provides support to one’s body and offers a counterbalance to gravity. This provides relief to one’s joints, tendons and muscles and buoyancy can support one’s body as it improves strength and balance via flexing and stretching exercises. Being immersed in water can reduce one’s body weight by up to 90%, allowing the body to relax and heal without strain and pressure.Spas and Jacuzzis have hydrostatic pressure that also provides significant health benefits. The pressure can improve lung and heart function as well as blood flow to one’s muscles. When people perform light exercises in this type of environment, the water provides a bit of resistance and the pressure and buoyancy allow the body to gain strength without the risk of damage.The warm water used in Jacuzzis and spas add an additional nurturing quality to the experience, helping to relieve pressure on one’s nerves and relax one’s muscles. Not everybody can go have a massage regularly, but having a spa or Jacuzzi provides many similar benefits to the body. People often notice improved sleep quality after regularly spending time in a spa or Jacuzzi, and many also notice improved digestion, circulation and skin tone. Some medical studies even indicate that this type of water therapy is beneficial for medical conditions such as lower back pain, diabetes, arthritis and heart disease.Many families choose to purchase a Jacuzzi or spa because of the social benefits of easy entertainment and fun. The benefits go much further than that, however. Taking the time on a regular basis to relax in a warm spa or Jacuzzi can significantly reduce stress and work to repair and rejuvenate one’s body. The buoyancy provides relief for the body by supporting one’s body weight and allowing muscles, joints and tendons to relax. The jet sprays soothe sore nerves and muscles and work to improve many body functions. Whether one’s goal is to sleep better, feel more relaxed or simply create an enjoyable habit at the end of a chaotic day, a spa or Jacuzzi may be the perfect answer.

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